Five Dope Songs That You've Never Heard

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With music being so readily available thanks to the Internet it can be a pain at times to sift through the infinite world that is Soundcloud. For us avid music fans it can be a full-time job. I decided to make it easy on you and provide five records I am confident you have yet to hear and that I enjoy listening to. The records are by fairly obscure artists that I randomly stumbled across on Soundcloud. No real method to the madness just simply sifting through "Related Tracks" until finding something that caught my attention and was elevated to the lofty heights of my "Likes" section. 

"drake flow." by whereisalex

The record begins with a chopped version of Drake's verse from Big Sean's "Blessings" and an innocent minimalistic production that leaves us wanting more. The beauty of the minimal strings combined with an upbeat drumbeat propels us to the grand finale, which is a synth-laden drop that was certainly worth the wait. Unlike Drake, whereisalex does not apologize for the wait and delivers with an instrumental masterpiece to close out the record. The genius of this is taking something familiar and completely flipping it on its head. I can't say I was much of a fan of Drake's verse on "Blessings" but alex chops it up and makes it flawless with his production.

Madeintyo - Uber Everywhere (Swell Remix)

Uber may be the most relevant and convenient forms of transportation in the history of man. In minutes you can have a personal driver arrive to your location. Madeintyo loves the service so much he decided to pay homage with his appropriately titled "Uber Everywhere," which includes the brilliant adlib "skrt skrt." 17-year-old Aussie native Swell has crafted an incredible remix of the infectious original. He completely flips the track on its head with a dance friendly rework full of funky electronic drumbeats, smooth synths and an overall wavy feel. It is impressive that one artist can create a record that feels as if it were produced by an orchestra of electronic instruments.

Olde - Dirty Money 3

This has been my favorite song since randomly coming across it several months ago. I do not recall how or when exactly I found this gold, but I sure am glad I did. I know next to nothing about the artist and that adds to the allure. All I know is that it was crafted by an artist who goes by the name Olde and he represents Vancouver. The production is absolutely filthy and perfectly complements the haunting vocals. I would venture to say I singlehandedly account for half the plays as I can't get enough. The slow ominous production eventually builds to a bass-laden screwed up piece that makes you want to get out and "hit a lick" as the youths say. 

internetuser - 2016 wow sometimes i make shitty beats but other times i make beats like this

This just may be my favorite piece of music in the year 2016. It's simply incredible and can be left on replay for hours. If the Louvre accepted Soundcloud submissions this would be encased next to the Mona Lisa and play on replay for all of humanity to hear. I can't say enough about how brilliant this is. One of my favorite Future vocals has been perfectly chopped and encompassed with an atmospheric backdrop, which feels like something from a futuristic Zelda soundtrack. 

Crafting a mashup may be one of the more difficult pieces for a producer. Selecting a backdrop that works to complement a verse that is set to a completely different production is quite a difficult feat. Up-and-coming producer yaint does just that with his "HOT//SPICY CHEX MIX."He effortlessly takes four different vocal samples and flips them on their head. My favorite being the opening offering in which he mixes Future's verse from "Move That Dope" with a jazzy sax-laden production that creates a cohesive record that I would have never expected working so well. I want to say the backdrop is from Big Gigantic but don't quote me on that. Whatever it is you know yaint has a great ear and masterfully mixes these records together leaving us wanting more.

Bad and Blue ft. Bay Li - Sea Salt

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Introducing Bad and Blue. The up-and-coming band is a nine member ensemble which began at Tufts University. The collective has members hailing from Chicago, Boston, New York and New England. Their music is as eclectic as one would expect with nine different members contributing. Their debut self-titled album quickly garnered a following and was a bestseller in Jazz on Bandcamp alongside BadBadNotGood and Snarky Puppy. One record that stood out most was their latest single "Sea Salt" featuring Bay Li. The Latin inspired instrumentation works perfectly with the crooning vocals and smooth style of MC, Cam Flowers. 

EndyEnds - Froze

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Winter is coming and everything will be "Froze." Virginia upstart Endy gets a head start on his latest offering. He brags his wrist and his teeth are both froze as he effortlessly flows throughout the Nedarb produced record. This is incredibly catchy and serves as a good introduction if you still are unfamiliar with the multi-talented youngster. I have watched Endy quickly evolve from a producer who occasionally rapped to a creative and unique well rounded artist. He has garnered a dedicated fan base and looks to be the next artist out of the DMV to gain some national recognition. 

Rashad Stark ft. Key! & Kasey Jones - Who Dis?


Rashad Stark is acting brand new on his latest release "Who Dis?" He likely won't be answering your calls anytime soon as he preps to drop a new project entitled The Most Lit, so don't bother calling or hitting the DM. Stark has a new phone, a new bitch, and a braggadocios feature from Atlanta's Key! to add to his flexing. He also brings along fellow DMV native Kasey Jones to round out the lineup on the catchy new self-produced offering.

K.A.A.N. - Phoenix (Video)


Ever since hearing K.A.A.N., which stands for Knowledge, I have been thoroughly impressed. The 24-year-old Maryland upstart can do no wrong as of late as he continues to display his lyrical prowess and effortless flow. His latest release comes in the form of a visual for "Phoenix" off his project Eclectic Audio. K.A.A.N. flows over the atmospheric stylings of producer ORBT and the result is a cohesive piece. We a drawn in by the hypnotic production and stay for the rap clinic that he puts on.

Bishop - Wild Horses


There is a treasure trove of music out there on the web that is just waiting to be uncovered. The Internet has given rise to a generation of DIY up-and-comers unleashing a plethora of quality music. I recently discovered Los Angeles based crooner Bishop. Her latest release "Wild Horses" is a certified hit! She draws you in with her hypnotic vocals similarly to a siren guiding a weary traveler when all of a sudden you are hit over the head with a bass-laden dance-friendly rift that is mind blowing. Keep an eye on Bishop as she is certainly a talent that will only continue to gain notoriety. 

Bucky Malone - Not Like Me


It's a Virginia connection as Bucky Malone connects with A$AP Ty Beats on an incredibly hypnotic record entitled "Not Like Me." This is featured on Malone's latest project The Time is 7:03, which pays homage to his native Northern Virginia and its 703 area code. Malone effortlessly flows throughout the smooth stylings of Ty Beats. The braggadocious lyrics make it apparent that Malone is not impressed with you and your crews minimal flexing compared to him and his compadres. 

Butch Dawson - Til The End


The East Coast is currently blanketed by feet of snow from the weekend blizzard. As many of us dig our ways out to the world others stay hunkered down creating. Up-and-coming artist and producer Butch Dawson does not let the snow hinder his creativity as he has released two new records in the past week. "Til The End" is a haunting release that you cannot help but groove along with. The hypnotizing production combined with the inspiring vocal sample "Project Pat don't give a fuck" makes for a captivating piece. Dawson continues to impress with his production and overall style of music as he grows as a musician.